Social Responsibility

It’s time to do more for our CIB Veteran’s. We have an obligation to make sure our Combat Veterans are able to navigate the immense network of available programs and resources that will help them succeed in their career and personal life. Combat Infantrymen and Special Forces soldiers have experienced “active ground combat” with our countries enemies.  Your donations will help us establish new initiatives to deliver a seamless process to assist them with the benefits they have so deservedly earned and  Jobs for transitioning CIB veterans.   


Last Revised: June 01,2024
Applies for all users of: Combat Infantrymen’s Association, Inc. Websites;


We are committed to providing an inclusive environment focused on the safety, personal welfare, and professional development of all associates. Corporate and local policies ensure that associates enjoy a safe and clean workplace free of harassment, discrimination, and violence. Associate engagement and contributions are recognized with competitive compensation and benefits and ongoing growth opportunities within the organization. CIBA provides for equal employment opportunity and complies with all legal requirements.


We believe in making the communities around us stronger. By partnering with community outreach and development organizations, we share our business and operational knowledge to improve growth opportunities for others outside of the company. It is through the contributions of associate time and charitable giving that we work to strengthen the communities around us.


All the CIBA management and staff hold responsibility to protect and improve our environment.  Together, we are committed to leading initiatives across the company focused on reducing the impact our operations and products have on the environment.


We actively partner with suppliers that align with our business and social values. We expect suppliers to meet all legal requirements, offer a safe working environment free of harassment and violence to associates, engage in ethical employment practices, actively work to minimize negative impact on the environment, and support the communities they operate in. These expectations are documented in our Supplier Code of Conduct.


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